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Latest Banking Awareness Questions : Quiz -2

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10 more Questions on Banking Awareness

1. Who got the 'Business Leader of the Year' award of Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards 2011 ?

(A) Rahul Bhatia (Indigo Air¬ways)
(B) Chanda Kochar (ICICI Bank)
(C) Mukesh Ambani (RIL)
(D) Ratan Tata (Tata Group)

2.The 17th Summit of SAARC was held on 10-11 Nov., 2011 in—

(A) New Delhi (India)
(B) Dhaka (Bangladesh)
(C) Adu City (Maldives)
(D) Thimpu (Bhutan)

3 . Who was the head of the panel on direct transfer of subsidies on kerosene, LPG and fertiliser ?

(A) Y.B. Reddy
(B) Nandan Nilekani
(C) Shyamla Gopinath
(D) C. Rangrajan

4 . 12th plan (2012-17) approach paper targets annual growth rate in agriculture, forestry and fishing at—

(A) 3-5%
(B) 3-8%
(C) 4-0%
(D) 4-2%

5. The Union Cabinet has given approval in pension sector for—

(A) 26% FDI
(B) 49% FDI
(C) 51% FDI
(D) 100% FDI

6. In October 2010, eight core industries had registered 7-2% growth which in October 2011 became—
(A) 7-6%
(B) 5-2%
(C) 2-1%
(D) 0-1%

7 . Indian Financial Sector is made up of both the organised as well as the unorganised segments.Which of the following belongs to the unorganised segments ?

(A) Chit Fund
(B) Micro Finance Companies
(C) Money-lenders
(D) Cooperative Credit Societies

8. Banks are supposed to pay penalty to customers whose complaints against failed ATM cash transactions are not settled within 12 days from date of complaint. This period for settlement is further reduced. What is the revised time limit now ?
(A) 5 days
(B) 7 days
(C) 8 days
(D) 10 days

9. During the second quarter of 2011-12, which sector of the following registered the lowest growth rate ?

(A) Agriculture
(B) Industry
(C) Service
(D) All the above have equal growth

10. Which of the following core industry did not register negative growth in October 2011 ?

(A) Coal
(B) Natural Gas
(C) Crude Oil
(D) All above registered negative growth

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