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Current Banking Awareness Questions 2012: Quiz-3

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Latest Banking Awareness Quiz Questions

In our previous on banking Awareness, we have published the Current Banking Awareness for month of January 2012.You can read these banking awareness Questions at the Links given Below

Students preparing for banking exams in India must go through all these Questions as Banking Awareness Questions are most likely to be asked in the Upcoming IBPS PO Exam 2012 and IBPS Clerk Exams 2012.Banking is an integral part of the IBPS Question Papers. Banking Awareness Section fall under the General Awareness Sections.

Banking Awareness Question comprises of Latest Questions on India Economy, Banking Terms and Current Affairs for Trade and Industry.

1. At the end-September 2011, the foreign debt on India stood at—

(A) $ 3064 billion
(B) $ 326-6 billion
(C) $ 336-6 billion
(D) $ 3424 billion

2. The share of concessional debt in total foreign debt on India was 15-5% at end-March 2011 which at end-September 2011 became—

(A) 14-7%
(B) 15-0%
(C) 15-9%
(D) 16-2%

3. As per the latest figures released by the Ministry of Agriculture, the per capita per day food grain availability in India stands at—

(A) 280 gm
(B) 440 gm
(C) 580 gm
(D) 900 gm

4. The both houses of the Parliament have passed the Bill of raising paid-up capital of Life Insurance Corporation of India in December 2011. This Bill after the notification as Act will raise the paid-up capital to—

(A) Rs 25crore
(B) Rs 50crore
(C) Rs 100crore
(D) Rs 200crore

5. In Mid-year Economic Survey (2011-12) of the Ministry of Finance, the estimated GDP growth for 2011-12 is—

(A) 7-00 ± 0-25%
(B) 7-50 ± 0-25%
(C) 8-0  ± 0-25%
(D) 8-5  ± 0-25%

6. United Nations Organisation (UNO) has declared to celebrate 2012 as—

(A) Year of Cooperatives
(B) Year of Banking
(C) Year of Global Recovery
(D) Year of Prosperity

7. At end-September 2011, the proportion of short-term debt in country's total foreign debt stood at—

(A) 19-6%
(B) 21-9%
(C) 23-3%
(D) 25-0%

8. RBI in its third-quarter monetary policy review of 2011-12 on January 24, 2012 has reduced Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)—

(A) From 6-5% to 6-0%
(B) From 6-5% to 5-5%
(C) From 6% to 5-5%
(D) From 6% to 5%

9. Which of the following is true for RBI's third-quarter monetary policy review announced on January 24, 2012 ?

(A) Only changed CRR
(B) Both Repo and CRR changed
(C) Only Repo changed
(D) Only Bank Rate changed

10. After the announcement of RBI's third quarter review of monetary policy 2011-12, which of the following rate remains the lowest ?

(A) Bank Rate
(B) Cash Reserve Ratio
(C) Repo Rate
(D) Reserve Repo Rate

11. RBI in its third-quarter monetary policy review on January 24, 2011 revised its GDP projection for the year 2011-12—

(A) From 8% to 7-6%
(B) From 8% to 7%
(C) From 7-6% to 7%
(D) From 7% to 6-5%

12. During the first nine months of the year 2011-12, country's exports aggregated to $ 217-6 billion, showing a year-on-year growth of—

(A) 16-8%
(B) 18-4%
(C) 23-3%
(D) 25-6%

13. During the period April-December 2011, of the financial year 2011-12, India's trade deficit stood at—

(A) $121-3 billion
(B) $ 129-6 billion
(C) $ 133-3 billion
(D) $139-2 billion

14. Which is the first Indian Bank to open a branch in Saudi Arabia ?

(A) AXIS Bank
(C) ICICI Bank
(D) Central Bank of India

15. Which country possesses the largest gold jewelry market in the world ?

(A) India
(C) China

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