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20 Current Socio-Economic Affairs Questions for March 2012

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1. As per advance estimates of CSO for the year 2011-12, the GDP growth rate has been estimated at—

(A) 7.6%
(B) 6.9%
(C) 6.4%      
(D) 6.1%

2. The primary sector growth in advance estimate for 2011-12 was2.5% which 2010-11 (Quick Estimates).

(A) 5.4%
(B) 6.4%
(C) 7.0%       
(D) 7.3%

3. 'Sensitive Sector' as defined by RBI includes—

(A) Capital Market
(B) Real Estate
(C) Commodities
(D) All of the above

4. PMEAC has revised its GDP growth estimates for 2011-12 to 7-1% and projected GDP growth for 2012-13 at—

(A) 7-0%-7-4%
(B) 7-5%-8-0%
(C) 8-l%-8-3%
(D) 8-5%

5. The newly launched CPI-based inflation for January 2012 on point to point basis is 7-65%. This inflation has the base year—

(A) 2004
(B) 2006
(C) 2008       
(D) 2010

6. The new Chairman of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) who took charge in January 2012 is—

(A) Harsh Mariwala
(B) R.V.Kanoria
(C) Naina Lai Kidwai
(D) Siddharth Birla

7. As per advance estimates of CSO, the estimated growth rate in tertiary (service) sector for 2011-12 is—

(A) 8-6%
(B) 9-0%
(C) 9-4%      
(D) 9-8%

8. Which of the following sector show the negative growth in the advance estimates of CSO for the year 2011-12 ?

(A) Mining and Quarrying
(B) Agriculture and Fisheries
(C) Manufacturing
(D) Electricity, Gas and Water supply

9. Which organisation is meant to ensure exports from India ?

(A) EXIMBank
(C) Ministry of Commerce
(D) None of the above

10. Which of the following is considered lending for promotion of exports ?

(A) Packing Credit
(B) Overdraft
(C) Cash Credit Account
(D) Bill Discounting

11. Which of the major port in India celebrated its Golden Jubilee in January 2012 ?

(A) Kolkata/Haldia Port
(B) ParadeepPort
(C) Vishakhapatnam Port
(D) KandlaPort

12. As per India State of Forest Report 2011, the State having the maximum forest area is—

(A) Arunachal Pradesh
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Uttar Pradesh

13. India State of Forest Report 2011 puts forest area in the country at—

(A) Below 25%
(B) Between 25% and 27%
(C) Between 27% to 30%
(D) Above 30%

14. At the end-December 2011, the teledensity in the country stood at—

(A) 72.38%
(B) 76.86%
(C) 79.03%
(D) 80.76%

15. As per the changed import duty structure on gold and silver, the import duty on gold and silver will be charged at.................respectively of the value of the imported metal.

(A) 1.5% and 5%
(B) 2.0% and 6%
(C) 1.5% and 6%
(D) 2.5% and 6%

16. As per the status of end-December 2011, which of the following company holds the maximum share in telephone services ?

(A) Vodafone
(B) BhartiAirtel
(C) Reliance

17. Which type of bank account can be opened by a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) in India ?

(A) Current Account
(B) Fixed Deposit Account
(C) Savings Account
(D) Locker Account

18. 'HUNGAMA' report of Nandi Foundation is related to—

(A) Hunger and Malnutrition
(B) 2-G Spectrum Scam
(C) Tax-evasion
(D) Black Money deposited in foreign banks

19. 'Trust Card' has been launched by an organisation to make consumer's payment more easier. The organisation is—

(A) Delhi Metro
(D) BhartiAirtel

20. The Sixth Economic Census of commercial units was/will be done in the year—

(A) 2011
(B) 2012
(C) 2013       
(D) 2014

21. As per the HUNGAMA report, the percentage of underweight (malnourished) children younger than five years in India is—

(A) 65%
(B) 54%
(C) 42%
(D) 31%

22. As per the second advance foodgrains estimates for 2011-12, foodgrains production during 2011-12 is estimated at—

(A) 246-46 MT
(B) 250-42 MT
(C) 254-68 MT
(D) 262-32 MT

23. As per final estimates, wheat and rice production in 2010-11 stood at—

(A) 86-87 MT and 95-98 MT respectively
(B) 95-98 MT and 86-87 MT respectively
(C) 88-31 MT and 102-75 MT respectively
(D) 86-87 MT and 102-75 MT respectively

24. The Fourth Rail Coach Manufacturing Factory (The first in India to be built on PPP model) is being made in—

(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Kerala
(C) Karnataka
(D) Tamil Nadu

25. In which of the following currencies, India has decided to make payment to buy crude oil from Iran ?

(A) US Dollar
(B) Indian Rupee
(C) Pound Sterling
(D) Euro


1.  (B) 2.  (C) 3.  (D) 4.  (B) 5.  (D)
6.  (B) 7.  (C) 8.  (A) 9.  (B) 10. (A)
11. (B) 12. (C) 13. (A) 14. (B) 15. (C)
16. (B) 17. (B) 18. (A) 19. (C) 20. (B)
21. (C) 22. (B) 23. (A) 24. (B) 25. (B)

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